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Welcome to the additional "GUEST SPEAKERS" page our platform for interesting and insightful articles that reflect various view points on Astrology. New Articles will be posted on the 1st of each month or as they become available. For those interested in submitting any of your own articles, please either email them to MysticVoyager.com All submissions are welcome. Our intent is to build an archive of good quality astrological articles to help inform and teach the professional Astrologer and layman alike.

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"The Astrology of Relationships and Intimacy"
by Steven Clair

The way we approach intimacy is a natural result or outflow of how we approach our relationships in life. When we define relationships we mean: who or what we are either attracted to, drawn to or desire and how we go about manifesting this for ourselves in things called relationships. We are always in wonder how it is we attract the people and things into our lives that we do.

What naturally follows the attraction principle is the intimacy issue. Now just remember that intimacy most often times does in fact mean or involve sex but it does not always have to for intimacy means a deep psychic and emotional bonding, merging or closeness. The intimacy issue is one we must be able to experience in order to release certain things from our lives and the past.

Naturally since we have 12 signs of the zodiac each of the signs handles these issues very differently. We will be taking a look at each sign to determine how each one approaches these two important areas of our every day lives. Also in the last sentence or comment for each sign the physical erogenous or sensual zones will be mentioned for each of the signs as well.

So as a short recap, in relationships we attract or desire something. With intimacy we are helped in going after and experiencing things in order to then release our other excessive baggage. Now here is how each sign goes about this.

ARIES: Attracts and wants beauty, charm, social interaction or engagement and someone beyond the self to relate to. To help experience depth, transformation and the inner self in order to release jealousy, hurt, fear and resentment. Connected to the head and genitals.

TAURUS: Attracts and wants intensity, depth, true merging or blending and a real soul mate. To help experience larger perspectives, new ideas and other worlds in order to release specific fixed attitudes, faulty beliefs and rigidity. Connected to the neck and thighs.

GEMINI: Attracts and wants all that one is not already, freedom to explore and provoking thoughts/ideas. To help experience structure, stability and a favorable image in order to release rigidity, loneliness and exertion. Connected to the shoulders/arms and behind the knees.

CANCER: Attracts and wants reputation, honor and stability. To help experience excitement, freedom and the larger picture in order to release fixed opinions, aloofness and being overbearing. Connected to the chest and calves/ankles.

LEO: Attracts and wants new exciting stuff, freedom and detachment. To help experience emotional connections to the cosmos and ability to have no boundaries in order to release negative views of the world, constant worrying and the victim or savior mentality. Connected to the mid-back and feet.

VIRGO: Attracts and wants emotional connections, fantasy and freedom to explore. To help experience independence, mobility and new things in order to release impulsiveness, arrogance and the need to always be in motion. Connected to the lower belly and head.

LIBRA: Attracts and wants someone who takes charge, ambition and the independent type. To help experience comfort, sensuality and connect to the physical body in order to release stubbornness, laziness and family issues. Connected to the lower back and neck.

SCORPIO: Attracts and wants physical contact, comfort and sensuality. To help experience knowledge, personal identity and personal interactions in order to release immaturity, self centered behaviors and not paying attention. Connected to the genitals and shoulders/arms.

SAGITTARIUS: Attracts and wants information, discussion and mobility. To help experience nurturing, security and deep emotional experiences in order to release worrying, emotional avoidance and smothering. Connected to the thighs and chest.

CAPRICORN: Attracts and wants mothering, safety and someone to listen to them. To help experience self confidence, inner child and fun/play in order to release pride, fear of emotional expression and what others think. Connected to behind the knees and mid-back.

AQUARIUS: Attracts and wants fun, honor and self confidence. To help experience true discernment, clear thought processes and develop obtainable goals in order to release worrying, mental burnout and unreasonable expectations. Connected to the calves/ankles and lower belly.

PISCES: Attracts and wants intelligence, cleanliness and order. To help experience balance, beauty and polarities or duality in order to release vanity, emotional swings and image consciousness. Connected to the feet and lower back.


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