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Welcome to "GUEST SPEAKERS" our platform for interesting and timely articles that reflect insight through meta-physcial and medi-physical view points. New Articles will be posted on the 1st of each month. For those interested in submitting any of your own articles, please either email them to MysticVoyager.com . All submissions are welcome. Our intent is to build an archive of good quality astrological articles to help inform and teach the professional Astrologer and layman alike.

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That Crazy Moon

The Moon makes it way through the 12 signs of the zodiac over an approximate 28 day cycle. It remains in each sign for just about 2 1/3 days. Below is some very helpful information regarding this cycle which will assist you in maximizing your opportunities as the moon passes through each sign. In order to know which days the moon is in which sign of the zodiac, you will want to acquire an astrological calendar of some sort. These are readily available at many bookstores and come in various formats (wall calendar, daily planner and pocket planner). I hope you enjoy this and it brings you insight into the world of Astrology.

Transiting Moon Signs

Aries - People are easily irritated, competitive, assertive, energy is abundant, physical vitality is high, sexual energy is high, ambitious and alive. Good day for sports, starting projects (those of high physical demand), workouts, construction and singles activities.

Taurus - People are well grounded, practical, focused more on money and business concerns, conservative mood, not willing or apt to initiate things, mellow, maybe stubborn and sensuous. Good day for enjoyment of food, massage, other sensual pleasures, gardening, country or outdoor trips, nature, and banking/finances.

Gemini - People are lively, quick-witted, humorous, communicative, more intellectual than emotional, brainstorming, mentally active and alert and dexterity is high. Good day for sales, selling, meeting people, teaching, speaking, phone, writing, crafts, lectures, short trips and visiting.

Cancer - People are moody, emotional, evaluating their feelings and wearing them on their shoulders, more emotionally sensitive, need support of home and family, reflective of the past, and conservatively inclined. Good day for working on home, visiting family members, cooking, enjoying food, looking for antiques or collecting and being with elders.

Leo - People are open, warm, in an outgoing mood, playful, high drama, egos easily wounded, pride an issue, romantic, fun loving, self-involved, need more attention and may take more risks. Good day for parties, entertaining, performing, time to be with people, cultivate connections, sunbathing, theater, affluent surroundings, self indulgent, and playing or having fun.

Virgo - People are interested in work, organizing things, finishing things up, detail oriented, cleaning, more self critical as well of others, fussy, physical sensitivity runs high and maybe focused on perfection. Good day for detail work, organizing, cleaning, reviewing diet and health regiment, hobbies, self-improvement and health food stores (healthy shopping).

Libra - People are people oriented, cultivating relationships, wanting to do things with others, romantic mood, looking for companionship, more interested in art and beauty, more willing to mediate or negotiate but decisions maybe hard to make, cooperative, and wanting to please others. Good day for getting agreement on something or getting your idea past, doing things with others, decorating and art galleries.

Scorpio - People are vindictive, brooding, resentful, dredging up past hurts, sensuous, involved in power plays, manipulation abounds, confrontational, secretive, turning inward or withdrawn, investigative, mysterious, allusive and undergoing deep self transformation. Good day to be alone and heal yourself or working in a group for same purpose, rethink life strategies, evaluate yours and others motives, research, personal growth and insight, self help groups, counseling or therapy, search for meaning of life, metaphysics and psychology/psyche.

Sagittarius - People are upbeat, optimistic, lively mood, expansive, thinking big, philosophical, looking for answers, humorous, high physical energy, prone to excess, arrogant, self righteous and dogmatic. Good day for traveling, outings that expand sense of history/culture/civilization, study and horseback riding.

Capricorn - People are sober, serious, cautious, conservative in mood, well grounded, practical, making or looking at long range plans, depressed, pessimistic and anxious. Good day for business pursuits, professional undertakings, self-discipline, hard work, strategy planning, history and mentoring.

Aquarius - People are friendly, outgoing, full of ideas, trendy, modern ideas, inventive, visionary, radical in mood, rebellious, explosive, idealistic and some what controversial. Good day for exchanging ideas, friends, group or club activities, day not to be pushy with others but reason with them, and doing something new, exciting, offbeat or adventurous.

Pisces - People are spacey, dreamy, prone to overindulgence in pleasures of life particularly drugs/alcohol or other forms of escapism, not good at making clear decisions, creative, musically inclined, inspired, reflective, meditative, emotions and sentiments run very high, concerned for others and very empathetic. Good day for ocean visits, swimming, good book, relaxation, dancing, good movie, prayer, meditation, helping others and listening to that inner voice but not getting wallowed up in self-pity.


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