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Here in Consultations you will find the various variety of services offered here at Mystic Voyager.

We are very proud to present to you what we feel is the best team of workers out here on the Internet today. Through a variety of events, which many may call happenstance, we have been brought together by a calling to assist and serve you.




Gift Certificates: Just a friendly reminder that we do offer Gift Certificates year round here at Mystic Voyager. If you are looking for a nice gift idea for someone why not purchase a Gift Certificate and gift someone a session with a member of our team. Gift Certificates can either be sent directly to you the gift giver or sent to the gift recipient, it is your choice. These Gift Certificates do not expire so the person is free to use their Certificate whenever they choose. Please submit or direct any requests or inquiries about Gift Certificates to Steven.


Who would deny the sacrilege of grasping an unwilling heaven, enslaving it, as it were, in its own domain, and fetching it to Earth?







Steven Clair


Steven offers a variety of private consultations to choose from, depending on what your particular needs or circumstances are. All his services are done either in person or over the phone (I call you so there is no phone charges, this includes USA, Canada and most foreign countries). Steven is bi-lingual and would be happy to conduct your session in either English or German.

Payment options include: personal checks (must clear first), money orders, cashier's checks or credit cards (through PayPal), please note this information pertains to Steven's sessions only. Please note that payment must be made and received before any service can be rendered. Once payment is confirmed then a appointment can be reserved for you.

Please note: If there is any other astrological service you might need, which does not appear here, please inquire. Steven does specialize for instance in Medical, Relocation, Electional and Horary Astrology as well.

Below you will find a detailed description of Steven's sessions.

A complete look at your birth chart with insight into the most important aspects of who you are. Focus is also placed on finance, career, relationships and the body. As well as any specific questions you may have. Each Natal Chart Analysis takes one hour and includes a full color Natal Chart.

SOLAR RETURN CHART ANALYSIS: Are you wondering what the current year or even the year ahead holds? Where are you currently on your path? A Solar Return Analysis can provide you with information that is essential for you during any given year (Birthday to Birthday). How will work, finances, relationships or anything else that interests you be going during this time? Don't you want to find out and make the most of it? Each Solar Return Analysis takes one hour and includes a full color Solar Return Chart.

See how you relate and get along (or maybe not) with someone else. What are you and the other person destined to do or trying to accomplish together? This other person can be anyone from your spouse, child, boss or neighbor. Every Relationship/ Compatibility Analysis assesses two Natal Charts and then combines them into a Composite Chart. Each Relationship/Compatibility Analysis takes one and one half hours and includes both Natal Charts and the Composite Chart in full color.

Unlock the mystery and psychological type of your child, important personality traits, emotional needs or fears, gifts and talents, areas where support is needed and his or her relationship to you. You, the parent or guardian of this child, are one of the most important people in his or her life. Be able to encourage the growth and development of your child and gain wonderful insight into his or her behaviors and character from an early advantage point. Each Child's Natal/Birth Analysis takes one hour and includes a full color Natal/Birth Chart.

BRIEF CONSULTATIVE ASTROLOGY UPDATE: This Update is for those unexpected events and moments when you feel the need for clarification and information but do not need a full hour consultation. When circumstances change in your life like: job, new relationship, current relationship, problem with a child, finances or any other important circumstance. Or it may be some good fortune or opportunity that requires further clarification in order to make a wise decision. This Update takes 30 minutes and is presented with a full color chart.

Also be sure to check out Steven Clair's Blog Page Click Here 






Teresa Bevin is an intuitive counselor, healer and educator.  She has been an agent of well-being for decades, utilizing her intuitive abilities early in life, even before she was aware of what they were. Teresa’s work includes the practices of Quantum touch, distance healing, chakra balancing, crystal therapy, tarot readings, intuitive counseling, numerology, and astrology of personality. She will use whatever method or mixture of methods that she feels will work best at any given time, including considering whatever method of interaction with which the client is most comfortable. 

Rather than give advice or direction, Teresa helps her clients see the choices in their lives and helps them develop their own intuition, giving them the tools to continue in their emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth. She believes everyone is capable of guiding themselves through the maze of life’s experiences and is always eager to help people realize that potential. In her own words: “The solutions to all of our problems are inside ourselves, though sometimes we may require some guidance to discover them.” In her sessions, Teresa will discuss and address any variety of issues, including health, relationships, attracting prosperity, life changes, karmic awareness, etc. Any subject is open.  Continuing to grow and advance following their reading or treatment is an integral part of her interaction with clients, and she achieves this by suggesting visualizations, affirmations, vibration-tuning techniques and other methods which are individually geared to each person with whom she works.

Teresa Bevin is a published author, psychotherapist, and a retired professor of counseling. Teresa is also bi-lingual and would be happy to conduct your session with her in either English or Spanish.





I am precognitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant and a psychic medium.  My abilities were apparent at a very young age and most likely inherited from my mother and her blood-line. Growing up, my mother helped me understand that I was “special”.  As a small child, I assumed the things I saw, heard, or knew were considered more normal than abnormal.  Let us just say, I learned that was not the case!  I fully respect and appreciate my “uniqueness”.  The gift that has been bestowed upon me has assisted so many people in various stages of their lives.  If I get a message for you, please consider me the mail lady.  I simply put the mail in your mailbox if it has been addressed to you (both bills and checks).  If you don’t like your mail, then you have to take that up with the sender.  Remember I just deliver.

Wishing all the highest good – Infinity





If numbers fascinate you this Analysis will surely interest you. This complete Numerology report (calculated by hand, no computer generated report here), using your full birth name and date of birth, explains what your Life Path, Soul Urge, Expression and Total Essence Numbers are and mean exactly. How you can utilize them for optimum growth and understanding. Specific questions from you are also welcome and encouraged. Along with the above information you will also receive personalized monthly numeric grids for the current year, and your current year's life path with interpretations. The Numerology Analysis takes one hour and is taped for your convenience. If interested in this service please feel free to contact Steven on this one.

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