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Welcome to our Bookstore, the Pages of Mystic Voyager. It may seem small to start but we plan to have this area of Mystic Voyager grow and expand into a larger more diverse collection of Books some of which are exclusive to our Bookstore and others that we highly recommend. Our intention is to include both fun but also informative Books on Metaphysics for your enjoyment. In the upcoming years we plan to expand into some Books and Booklets about Health and the Body.

Also keep in mind that if you have or know of a Book or Booklet which you think we might be interested in featuring in our Bookstore we would be glad to hear from you.




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A Great Resource of Astrology Books and Texts!!
Astrology Center of America-
We are one of the largest suppliers of professional astrology books & tarot cards in the world. We stock around 1000 western astrology books, over 200 Vedic astrology books (most imported from India), and some 200 tarot decks. If it's astrology & if it's in print, we probably have it.




Below is a selection of books which we at Mystic Voyager highly recommend. These selections may be purchased through Amazon.com just by clicking on the selected book. **IMPORTANT NOTE**- This area is currently being reworked to better serve you. Thank you for your patience.






A must have for every Astrologer and student of Astrology. This is the Astrologer's best handbook in looking up birthdays for the 20th Century.





A splendid astrological wall calendar for the year 2013



A weekly planner combined with an astrological calendar will keep you up to date, on time and in the know, astrologically during 2006 2006





Combines Myth and Astrology to give us an important look at history and the changes in the Ages.




Yearning to learn about your spiritual mission this life time? Try this book out and read what it says about your prenatal eclipses both the Solar and Lunar.





A must have for every Astrologer and Astrology student. This is the Astrologer's best handbook in looking up birthdays for the 21st Century.



"Only way to learn Astrology", is the first in a series of books by this author to impart and teach basic Astrology techniques. Excellent for beginner's and a great reference for the experienced Astrologer.




"Alan Oken's Complete Astrology", a great basic teaching and learning text. It covers all aspects of Astrology as well as symbolism and mythology. I highly recommend this book for any serious student of Astrology.




"Alan Oken's Spiritual Astrology", based on the work of Alice Bailey and Esoteric Astrology, this book is presented in a simpler form for all of us to be able to understand the concepts of Esoteric Astrology.





"Moon Sign's" is a great little paperback for understanding the moon in the various signs of the zodiac and its importance in our lives.




"Healing Pluto Problems" deals with many emotional issues in both helping to identify and to resolve them. Definitely another classic from Donna.




"Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain", is for those of us who want to chuckle while we learn. Information is delivered in a light, fun and witty style but at the same time causes you to remember what you have read.



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