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Hello Everyone!!! This is Steven Clair, your Astro-Wizard of the Cosmos.
Please join me right here, each and every month for an exciting and insightful monthly Astrological Forecast.(Please note that all times and dates are for Pacific Time.)



11/01/2015 to 11/30/2015

The New Moon on November 11th is at 19 degrees and 01 minutes of Scorpio. The Full Moon on November 25th is at 3 degrees and 20 minutes of Gemini.

The New Moon is a time of renewal, to initiate new things and or to plant the perverbial new seeds. Aries points towards personal Will, taking the lead & leadership, initiating, blazing forward, being direct, rash, aggressive, pointed and at times forceful. Directed at needed actions, independence, personal goals and assisting others many times during a crisis. The Full Moon is a time of fruition, harvest and completion to see what was done under the New Moon come to fruition and manifest. Scorpio is the sign of joint resources that we have in common or entangled with others, deep and transforming emotions and at times even loss or release.

Aries tends to be a bit rash at times and quick to act and is not known for pondering and thinking things through. Though always willing to help and is the mover and shaker of the zodiac not necessarily a warm fuzzy. So be open for any assistance offered but don't take anything personal especially if it is not the way you would handle or do it, especially you Taurus' and Cancer's out there. Since Scorpio can be somewhat intensive, to put it mildly, make sure that communication remains open, upfront and honest, no himming and halling.

Also some food for thought about the Scorpio Full Moon being a Lunar Eclipse, I would like to make the following comments and observations. An important observation has been made over time that when a Lunar Eclipse precedes a Solar Eclipse ( we have one coming on May 10 2013 at 19 degrees of Taurus) it tends to deal with financial matters and markets and the like. This is the first Lunar Eclipse of the year and in fact the first eclipse of the year and it does precede a Solar instead of the other way around.

So be mindful of the markets and any investments and investing you may do. We have already seen some slight reversals and also the Gold Market has dropped to a low not seen in a long while. I feel that gold will continue to drop and is not the savior that everyone thinks and would like it to be. I think this eclipse in Scorpio (the Taurus/Scorpio axis) is going to start the major market slide that will finally bottom out in June/July 2013. The Solar Eclipse coming on May 10 2013 at 19 Taurus will also be a heavy hitter as well. The Lunar will bring things to light that no one has either noticed or wanted to pay attention to then the Solar will the possible hammer that follows.



ARIES: May be more inclinded to do or make yourself available to others in order to or think of what you can get back personally in exchange for your actions. So try to forget any motive and just do what you do best, immediate and direct response for others.

TAURUS: Keep things and any intentions out in the open with no secrets or sneaky tactics or they will surely back fire on you from your friends and associates. No need for any alterior motives here.

GEMINI: New associates, clubs or organizations will be a good thing and will serve you well but you maybe end up with more responsibilities or being more drained than you bargained for in the end.

CANCER: New energy and focus applied to your work or career will help release pent up creativity and frustrations you have had hidden or bottled up for some time now.

LEO: Plans to visit or making close contact with family members or those dear to you will be a great benefit to you at this time. You both will benefit from the encouragment.

VIRGO: Now is a good time to request assistance from others like for money, loan, co-operation or a helping hand but may not get as much as you want or anticipated.

LIBRA: Partnerships, contact with the public and agreements could be very good for you at this time bringing a better financial return or result than initially expected.

SCORPIO: New committments, work and obligations are highlighted but just take care not to overwhelm or over tax yourself and your body as energy levels are lower than normal.

SAGITTARIUS: In order to focus on and accomplish something now, you need to look at things from the past or things that you set aside and forgot about. Bringing them back into focus will asure you of accomplishing them once and for all.

CAPRICORN: Family and home issues may require more energy and be draining but will serve a better purpose in the end. More than one issue in fact will be of great benefit and value to you.

AQUARIUS: Peronal gain and Career advancement is promising at this time but only if you pay attention to and watch the way you communicate with others. More important to listen than speak for the time being.

PISCES: Now is the time to rethink or organize financial plans and initiate them for your goals of furthering education, expanding your knowledge base and traveling or trips. Sky can be the limit with concrete plans.


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