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"LINKS" page of Mystic Voyager. Here you will find a variety of highly recommended links to many useful and diverse sites. Only sites known through personal experiences with Mystic Voyager are recommended here. So you can be assured of great quality and wonderful customer service.

Animals Talk
What is Fido or Kitty trying to tell you? Find out with premier Pet Psychic, Jerri Carroll.

Robert Zoller- Medieval Astrology
A medievalist, Latinist, student and practitioner of medieval astrology
Zoller returns to the fountainhead of medieval astrology. He has translated and studied works of Guido Bonatti, Alkindi and others and these are brought together for the first time, on this website.

Renaissance Astrology
Astrologers and magi like Cornelius Agrippa and Marsilio Ficino brought traditional astrology and astrological magic to their greatest heights in the Renaissance.

Astrology Center of America
We are one of the largest suppliers of professional astrology books & tarot cards in the world. We stock around 1000 western astrology books, over 200 Vedic astrology books (most imported from India), and some 200 tarot decks. If it's astrology & if it's in print, we probably have it.

Amethyst Moon (Relax**Breathe**Journey)
Top Notch and the Best of the Best!

8329 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA. 91942; (619) 464-6666
Aromatherapy, Home Decor & Spiritual Gifts, Massage Therapy, Reiki and Skin Care


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